Aldgate Community Events (ACE) Board

Aldgate Community Events (ACE) is run by a Board of volunteers, with support from the City of London.  Some of our Board members represent local organisations, whilst others are local residents or workers, or have another connection to the Aldgate area.

David Barker

I am a founder and Director of The Tech centre, my third technology business based in Aldgate that is he;lying charities, social enterprises and people use technology better.  As well as my involvement with Aldgate Community Events, with my passion ignited for helping people in East London, I recently stood as a councillor in the Portsoken elections and as an MP in Poplar and Limehouse.  I am also a trustee of a charity helping develop the employability skills of young people in schools.

Rose Naigaga

I am a City resident, originally from Uganda.  I became interested in volunteering with Aldgate Community Events nearly two years ago as part of a Steering Group, now as a member of the Board.  The project appealed to me because of its excellent delivery of events and the dedication to the community on which it is based and focused.  While ACE in various ways is providing value and improvements, I believe it is effectively placed to shape the community.  ACE has a wide range of opportunities for members of the community to tap into, to learn new skills and share talents.  I have gained a lot of confidence in public speaking.  I had looked at other voluntary sectors before ACE, but I found it was the only project that offered everything and more.

Matt Ring

I was born and raised in East London and have known the Aldgate area all my life.  Through my interest in military history, I got involved with the Portsoken volunteers in 2006 and my association to Middlesex Street Estate and the Portsoken Ward Club dates back to then.  In 2010 I started working for the City of London's housing department as Estate Officer of Dron House in Tower Hamlets, and became a tenets at Middlesex Street Estate in 2013.  Since November 2016 I have been working as the Estate Officer for Middlesex Street.  In late 2015, I attended the first meeting at which the idea of a community play was suggested, and have been interested ever since.  I was thrilled to be asked to be involved as a local resident, and look forward to seeing the project through to a successful conclusion.