Aldgate Heritage

  Aldgate Heritage was a programme of three projects, running until the end of summer 2017

A public art exhibition of historic photos of Aldgate, mounted at the sites where they were taken. A community collage - a collective living memory of city life drawn from personal photographs, memorabilia, writings and drawings.  Follow the trail back in time, contribute your memories and photographs to the collage.  

Aldgate - home to travellers and migrant communities from across the globe.  Each person with their own story, a unique journey that brought them here.  Inspired by the statue at Liverpool Street Station, commemorating the children of the Kindertransport, local individuals, families and organisations are telling their own stories by creating mini-displays in suitcases. 

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Interviews, conversations, films and reminiscences of the unique people who comprise this fascinating community.   

The Aldgate Play and Heritage Project

ACE's primary project for 2017-18 was The Aldgate Play and Heritage Project, which is being built in partnership with Claque Theatre and the City of London.