Aldgate in Camera

1st August – 15th September 2017 

Aldgate In Camera is a public exhibition of historical photographs displayed across the area, as close as possible to the point of view of the photographer; juxtaposing the East End’s past and present. 

The images are mounted on sites public and private: in shop windows, on business walls, on street furniture, fences and carriageways; illuminating Aldgate’s ever-changing landscape and providing a viewpoint into the fascinating history of one of London’s most diverse areas.  

Over seventy historical images were sourced locally from London Metropolitan Archives, Bishopsgate Institute, Guildhall Library, Tower Hamlets Archives, organisations, businesses and individuals. The forty images included in Aldgate In Camera were selected by popular vote following an exhibition preview at the Artizan Street Library.

Explore the exhibition on location. Take a walking tour with City Guides and community members, or discover Aldgate with our printed map, available across London.