Aldgate Square Festival

Arts, music, performance, talks and activities from Aldgate and beyond; celebrating all the area has to offer.


Aldgate Square Festival comprises a vibrant spectrum of music, dance, performance, food, games and theatre from across the East End, mirroring the cultural wealth of this fantastic area.


The festival launches the new Aldgate Square, which is situated between Sir John Cass Foundation Primary School on the West and St Botolph’s without Aldgate on the East along Aldgate High Street; and it is an opportunity for the wider community to establish an ownership of this new public space.


The weekend will represent a creative collaboration between myriad groups, organisations; arts, educational and religious centres, businesses and individuals, showcasing the immensity of talent which resides in this unique corner of the capital, as well as the strength of its history.


The festival is being led by City of London in partnership with multiple organisations, including St Botolph’s without Aldgate, Kahaila Café, Sir John Cass Foundation Primary School, Canon Barnett Primary School, Toynbee Hall, Aldgate Community Events, Artizan Street Library and Community Centre, Middlesex Street Estate, Mansell Street Estate, Golden Lane Estate, The Aldgate Partnership, Arts Admin and Toynbee Studios, Cardboard Citizens, London Metropolitan Archives, Survey of London, London Metropolitan University, Swadhinata Trust, RadhaRaman Society and Tower Bridge, amongst many others; and relationships are continuing to build.

Formerly 'The Aldgate Play', this event has evolved to become the 'Aldgate Square Festival', maintaining the strong community bonds built as part of 'The Aldgate Play' project. 

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Creative workshop at Tower Bridge